Can you relate?

Do you often have to repeat yourself?

Does your voice shake when you speak to more than one person?

Do you have a high pitched, squeaky voice?

Do you mumble when you talk?

Do you feel like you run out of breath when speaking?

Do you speak too quickly?

Does your voice sound monotonous?

Do you often mispronounce words?

Does your accent overpower your clarity?

Do people often interrupt you?

Do you get to have your say?

Do you always think about what you should’ve said when it’s too late?

Do you feel that your opinion is not important?

Do you often say “yes” when actually you meant “no”?

Do people think you are aggressive when you are trying to be assertive?

Do your assumptions lead to misunderstandings?

Do your fears keep you in the past?

Do your fears make you anxious about the future?

Do you struggle to be authentic in your communication?

Do you wish you could say what you mean?

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